We're closed to most students
Only children of Key workers and other eligible children can attend from 5th January.


We prioritise supporting pupils to become independent and reflective learners who take responsibility for their own learning.  We do this by setting them homework that your child needs to complete at home to further develop the knowledge and understanding they acquire in lessons.

Children are expected to practise reading, spellings and times tables weekly. They may also be given additional homework to reinforce and practice their learning at school.

Why homework?

Homework is of benefit for the following reasons:

  • it reinforces and consolidates what has been learned in lessons, giving pupils the opportunity to practise and perfect their learning
  • it is an opportunity for the further development of pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • it prepares students for life-long learning into adulthood, by enabling them to draw on independent learning skills such as enquiry, investigation, initiative, time management and self- discipline
  • it gives students the chance to undertake work not suited to ordinary lesson time and to exploit materials and sources of information not accessible in the usual teaching environment
  • it strengthens home school liaison, developing the partnership between student, parent and teacher and keeping parents in touch with the nature of their child’s/children’s studies and methods
  • it has been proven that students who regularly complete homework perform better in assessments.

How can I support my child?

You can support your child by:

  • providing a table, chair and a quiet place to work,
  • negotiating when homework is to be done as a pupil’s free leisure time is important too, 
  • checking the time spent on individual homework tasks,
  • checking presentation and content of all homework being returned to school, 
  • providing the school with information about any problems by contacting your child’s class teacher 
  • Making sure all homework is returned to school by the deadlines set