Learn at Home

Learn at Home

We use Google Classroom and Class Dojo for Home Learning.

Logging into Google Classroom

Click the ‘sign in’ button at https://www.google.com/

To log on to their academy Google account from home, students need to use their academy email address and password.

If the student or a family member are already signed into Google using a personal account, it can cause issues. You may need to switch between accounts or sign out of other accounts

It can also be a good idea to set up different profiles in Chrome to switch easily between the academy account and personal accounts.

If your child is struggling to remember their email address, please contact academy reception on 0161 681 4288.

Logging into Class Dojo

Here is a video on how to login to Class Dojo

And how students can use Class Dojo

The content on both will be updated regularly.